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I’ve tried several different workout programs and Tiara’s program is without a doubt the absolute best! Her individualized workouts, easy to follow meal plans, and consistent personal support made reaching my goals seem so easy. I love that her user-friendly app has examples of each exercise, an easy way to track food and water intake, and a way to rate each workout at the end. I’m beyond impressed with my results & Tiara truly made me feel like we achieved them together! 


Tiara’s program was hands down the best fitness program I’ve done- and I’ve done them all. OrangeTheory, Eat the Frog, Spenga, and nothing worked. I’d eventually hit a plateau & be stuck. Tiara put together food plans for me (and being a picky eater she had her work cut out), a workout every day that pushed me but was able to be done, and pushed me forward by being a constant contact. I recommend it to anyone who needs the extra push to get to the gym! 


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Being in my mid 50's, I thought there was no changing my ways!  My daily walk, and "meat and potatoes" diet mentality had been working for years, why change?  Tiara continued to impress upon me the importance of adding weights/resistance training, and created a simple workout routine for me through her app.  As I started to see results, she then offered me easy to follow guidelines when it comes to healthy eating, and that's when it all came together!  Less than 10 months later, and 20 pounds lighter, I can honestly say I've never felt better, and I know I can continue this new approach without feeling deprived.  Thank you for not giving up on me, your great coaching, constant follow up, and positive approach to my health and well being!


Tiara’s program was the absolute best! She was always accessible to help you achieve all your fitness goals while truly caring! Her individualized plan would be catered to fit your workout goals and she would work with you to adjust your meal plan based on restrictions. Tiara truly helped me to change my mindset and make healthy eating and workout out a lifestyle change.  


I lost 11 lbs during Tiara’s 4 week program. I have never really considered myself overweight, but have always really wanted to tone up and feel healthier. The only problem was, I could never find the motivation to do so. When the quarantine started, I saw Tiara posted some new recipes and workouts. This is when i decided to reach out to her to ask for some help. Little did I know, just four short weeks later, I would be feeling and looking like a new version of myself. The workouts Tiara provided me with were extremely organized and well put together. At first, I was a little bit intimidated to start (especially for arm day) because I was not strong at all. Tiara had such a positive mind set and would reach out to me on a daily basis pushing me to do better in order to achieve my goals. By the end of the second week, I was finishing all four sets of each exercise and was feeling so accomplished and powerful. Not only did Tiara motivate me in the (home) gym, but she also helped me with my diet. Before this program, I was consuming double the amount of calories I should have been eating per day. She showed me new recipes and tricks to meet my daily caloric intake while also feeling full and happy. I highly recommend this program for somebody who isn’t just only looking for a weight loss program, but a lifestyle change. Don’t get me wrong, it has been amazing to lose 11 lbs, but just the feeling of waking up in the morning energized and falling asleep easy at night, has made these four weeks worth it. I plan to continue this program for the following weeks to come and cannot thank Tiara enough for her guidance, positive attitude, and knowledge. This is a program you will not regret!


This program is great! I lost about 9 pounds during the first month & several inches. The workouts were easy to follow and so convenient for me to do at home! I never got bored of them because they were so diverse. I also loved the recipes I was given. Easy and quick to make and also so delicious. I can’t wait to see my results after my next four weeks of this program!


I decided to give Tiaras program a try after seeing her transformation pictures. During the four week program I lost 5 lbs and many inches all over. I stopped caring about the number on the scale because I loved the way I looked and felt. The work outs were different everyday. I actually was excited to get up and get through a workout. I also love that she has total open communication with her clients. If I had a question, she had an answer. She also answered me within a couple hours if not sooner. Tiara was extremely motivational and provided me with extra resources like delicious recipes  to keep these four weeks exciting. Get fit with Tiara, trust me you won’t regret it!


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